Perfecting Your Cannaseur Skills in San Diego

Urbn Leaf Bay Park

Creating unique cuisine opportunities by infusing food and drink with cannabis and CBD

Danelle Sarvas, Vice President of Marketing for Urbn Leaf, was fortunate to recently sit down with renowned San Diego Chef, James Montejano, to hear his insights on this growing cooking with cannabis trend. Montejano is executive chef at the Mina Group, a San Francisco based restaurant management company specializing in creating and operating upscale, innovative restaurant concepts, including the Bourbon Steak Orange County in Dana Point.

We are excited to have partnered with San Diego Magazine to create this Feel Good Article on two rapidly growing industries – the restuarant community and the cannabis industry. While the pandemic reshaped life as we now know it, hitting restaurants, bars and hospitality the worst, this has also been a start of a new chapter for many.

Interior Design of Urbn Leaf Cannabis Dispensary in San Diego
Surf and Turf / A5 Wagyu and Lobster Bluefin

“The Surf and Turf is Miyazaki A5 and Maine lobster coconut truffle sunchoke puree and Beet Char Siu, which pairs perfectly with cannabis flower strain, Pineapple Trainwreck which has hints of tropical fruit with a peppery citrus aroma sure to compliment the flavors of the Sunchoke Puree and Beet Char Sui.”

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“The Charred Mediterranean Octopus features King trumpets, roasted early girls and olives, which could not be more of a perfect match with Northern Haze’s zesty citrus notes and pungent spice – this earthy and herbaceous cannabis flower strain will no doubt bring out the richness of this Mediterranean delight!”

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Charred Mediterranean Octopus

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