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The best rewards program in California.

Welcome to your new favorite Cannabis Rewards Program: We proudly offer the finest cannabis loyalty program, not only in California but in the entire county. By becoming a member, you gain entry to an array of exclusive benefits. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to effortless earning, exceptional rewards, and the ability to enjoy your favorite products like never before.

how it works


We’re here to make it easy. Earn points on each purchase and use those points to unlock exclusive rewards.

Earn Stash points

Earn 1pt for every $1 you spend

unlock baller tiers

Earn more points to unlock exclusive loyalty tiers!

Enjoy exclusive prizes

Once you unlock a tier, cash in your points for exclusive products and prizes


Earn 100pts when you refer a friend

the essentials

Are you the designated roller for your group or tired of your friends constantly borrowing your lighter? Look no further – this category is tailor-made for you. Grab your essentials, all available for just 50 points. From pre-rolls to papers, we’ve got everything you need to elevate your smoking experience and ensure a smooth session with your buddies. Explore our selection of premium cannabis products and accessories today, because who can resist a good pre-roll and a hassle-free smoke sesh?

50 pts

$1 House .7g Pre-Roll 

Urbn Leaf rolling papers and Lighter combo

50 pts

$1 Paper + Lighter Combo

Starter stash

If you’re on the hunt for that extra punch in your smoke sesh, you’ve landed in the right place. Welcome to our collection of premium additions designed to take your experience to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of rolling up with the King himself or prefer savoring your favorite flavor of Smokiez edibles, we’ve got the perfect starters to get you where you need to be.

150 pts

$1 Fuzzies Single Pre-Roll 

150 pts

$1 KingRoll 1.3g 

150 pts

$1 Smokiez Gummies

150 pts

$1 Top Shelf Pre-Roll 

daily toker

Let’s celebrate those who like to incorporate the herb in their daily routine. From essentials to enhance your daily experience to coveted accessories, cash in your points here to celebrate your love for the ganja in style

200 pts

$1 Glass Pipe

200 pts

$1 510 Battery

200 pts

$1 Smokiez Live resin

the plug

Welcome to your new favorite plug! We’re here to provide you with the best in town. Take your pick from an 1/8th of our exclusive flower, the infused KingRoll Junior pre-roll pack, a 1g vape cart, or enjoy an incredible 30% off your purchase. Get ready to be hooked up like never before!

300 pts

$1 House $30 1/8th 

300 pts

$1 KingRoll Jrs 4pk

300 pts

30% Off Full Priced Order

300 pts

$1 House 1g Cart

the og's

Calling all seasoned veterans, the true OGs. We keep it simple for you. Take your pick from our top-shelf flower collection or savor an exclusive 40% discount on your purchase. It’s all about keeping it real.

500 pts

$1 Urbn Leaf Top Shelf 1/8th

600 pts

40% Off Full Priced Order

600 pts

$1 Urbn Leaf 1/2 oz

1000 pts

$1 in stock 1/4 oz flower


1200 pts for 1 year exclusive membership | $1,500+ value

Secret stoners

Effortless Enjoyment: For those who appreciate the good stuff but have a lot on their plates, we’ve got you covered. Discover the perfect reward that suits your busy lifestyle. 

4000 pts

$1 Levoit Air Purifier

4000 pts

$1 Dewalt 12v Starter Kit

5000 pts

$1 Ooni Pizza Oven 12″

6000 pts

$1 Volcano

The ballers

Welcome to the most exclusive club in town. If you’ve made it here, you’ve reached the highest of the high. We have a lineup of urated, highly coveted rewards designed exclusively for YOU!

6420 pts

$1 Dr. Dab Evo

8420 pts

$1 iPad

8420 pts

$1 PS5

10420 pts

$1 Custom Air Force 1’s


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