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It might not be your grandma’s kitchen, but it IS a grandma’s recipe!

We knew there was something extra special about Big Pete’s canna-cookies… Turns out Big Pete’s journey began with his enduring love of cannabis (and the perfect cannabutter he created) and well, an actual love story too—Big Pete’s girlfriend comes from a family of bakers and the company uses her grandmother’s recipe (yup, the cookies reserved for the extra sweet kids in the fam). It’s a recipe that’s been passed on for generations and made with love throughout the years. We’re definitely gonna feel a little extra warm and fuzzy next time we take a bite.

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Kailey Morgan
Norcal Regional Sales Manager


Big Petes Cannabis Infused Peanut Butter edible Cookies sold at Urbn Leaf California Premier Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis aside. What’s the company’s cookie background?
Hard to put cannabis aside, when the real story starts in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. In 1979, Big Pete moved to Hawaii for college and grew his first plants on the side of Mt.Kilauea Volcano. His love for cannabis flourished there. Once he moved back to his hometown, he took that passion to the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is where he found himself with an excess of shake and trim and started making cannabis butter. The most important ingredient to a Big Pete’s cookie.

Who created the recipes and what kind of culinary (or non culinary) background do they have?

When we think of Big Pete’s Treats, we imagine grandmother’s classic cookies. Big Pete’s girlfriend comes from a family of bakers that has recipes that only grandma shared with the extra sweet ones. We were some of those lucky ones that have the honor of using those recipes that have been passed on for decades. We love that the true root of our recipes are from years of baking for family and friends. Hence, why our cookies are baked with so much love.

What are your best tips for first timers using edibles?

They say…. “You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.” When we developed our mini cookie, we were one of the first edible companies on the market to create a specifically dosed edible. We have believed in responsible dosing from the beginning and have held that standard for the 11 years we have been in business. Stick to brands you can trust and always start low and slow.

What’s the biggest accident/or unexpected edible experience someone at Big Pete’s ever had (and did this play a role in product development at all?)

In the early days, we had a test run of high dose sativa cookies. We projected it was around 80mg. Note, that our sativa cookies only go up to 10mg now. This is because our feedback was that they gave the effect as if you had drank too much coffee. We went straight back to the drawing board and designed our single dose 10mg Sativa mini cookie.

Big Pete's Kitchen Cooking Cannabis Infused Cookies and Treats in California sold by Urbn Leaf

What does your kitchen look like? Can you share any insider pics?

Big Pete’s has a fully licensed commercial kitchen and was the first cannabis edible kitchen licensed in Santa Cruz, California. We are only a couple blocks from the beach and make all of our incredible cannabutter right on site.


When people don’t want to bake themselves, there’s Big Pete’s. But if someone does want to try it, what do you think is the most important thing to come out with a great edible OR what are your top three tips for baking with cannabis?

What we believe are the most important things to come out of a great edible is:

  1. The extraction – We are one of the only edible companies still using this classic extraction method. Some people may say it is old fashioned, but we believe in the true full spectrum power through our cannabutter.
  2. Consistency – Big Pete’s Treats lab test three times throughout our production to ensure the perfect dosage every time.
  3. Flavor – We pride ourselves on being quality bakers and using the finest ingredients.

Can you tell us a bit about where you source your cannabis from, and why? Looking for things that are unique to you, special to the plant and the way it’s grown, sustainability, etc. Anything that sets your ingredients apart. 

We love Santa Cruz and source our cannabis from local farmers. We believe that building a strong local economy makes our community vibrant and successful.

Do you have a recipe or ‘guide’ of any sort that you’d want to share? (Could be for anything—cake, pie, etc if you don’t want to share one to compete with cookies.)

If you visit and go to our blogs, you can see that we post new recipes often! Cookie pie, cookie ice cream sandwiches, cookie milkshakes etc.

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