12 days of Christmas: Holiday Gift Guide

Unwrap the holiday season with a cannabis celebration like never before! Urbn Leaf is thrilled to present the ultimate gift guide, featuring twelve days of festive delights with your favorite cannabis brands. From the royal indulgence of Kingroll Royale Holiday Pre-rolls to your favorite tasting Smokiez Edibles and exclusive  Friendly Brand gift bundle, we’ve curated a collection that elevates your holiday spirit.

 Join us on a journey through the 12 days of Christmas, where each day brings a new reason to revel in the joy of the season. Uncover the perfect cannabis-infused gifts and make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

Stash Box ft. Smokiez Edibles + Fuzzies Pre-rolls

Discover the ultimate festive indulgence with the Urbn Leaf Stash Box, a holiday delight that’s sure to elevate your celebrations! Unveiling just in time for the season, this exclusive box is brimming with delectable Smokiez 100mg cannabis-infused edibles and an assortment of infused pre-rolls courtesy of our friends at Fuzzies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your holiday gathering or treat yourself to a moment of bliss, this Stash Box is the perfect companion. Make this holiday truly unforgettable, or perhaps a bit hazy, depending on the number of Smokiez you choose to savor.

Retail: $249
Now only $90 + tax
Save $159!

Stop in for yours today and make this holiday season one for the books!

Urbn Leaf Stash Box Holiday Gift Guide for the best Cannabis gift ideas
Kingroll Potent Royale Holiday Cannabis Infused Pre-rolls

Kingroll Royale

Explore the latest holiday gift options with the new release from Kingroll, featuring the exclusive Kingroll Royale Live Resin 1.3g pre-rolls. This collection showcases four festive strains to delight any cannabis enthusiast. Meet the distinguished lineup, including the balanced and flavorful Kosher Dawg Hybrid, the uplifting and energizing Jack Frost Sativa, the soothing and relaxing Santa’s Cookies Indica, and the vibrant and euphoric Purple Champagne Sativa.

Elevate your gift-giving game this season with the Kingroll Royale Live Resin collection. Bring joy and high-quality cannabis experiences to the festive season.

Friendly Brand Holiday Bundle

Unwrap the ultimate holiday joy with Friendly Brand’s all-in-one holiday bundles! Simplify your gift-giving experience by exploring the exclusive holiday bundles crafted by Friendly Brand. Whether you’re shopping for aficionados of Friendly Live Resin 1g carts, enthusiasts of 1000mg Friendly Tinctures, or fans of the potent 1g FSO, our holiday bundles have something for everyone on your list. The possibilities are limitless, ensuring that you find the perfect gift for each unique individual.

Shop now to discover the joy of giving with Friendly Brand!  

Friendly Brand christmas URBN LEAF holiday bundle.jpg
Urbn Leaf Half and Full ounce bulk flower holiday deals

urbn leaf half & full ounces

Get ready for a festive season like never before by stocking up on exclusive holiday deals on Urbn Leaf’s premium half and full ounces of flower. Elevate your celebrations with some of the finest strains California has to offer, ensuring that your spirits are soaring with Urbn Leaf’s top-notch quality. Act fast to enjoy limited-time savings of up to 40 to 50% off every weekend throughout December. Don’t miss out on these incredible offers—visit our deals page regularly to stay updated and never miss a sale!

Shop now and let the good times roll!

50% off all Half & Full Ounces

*Valid on 12/22, 12/23, 12/29, 12/30. While supplies last.

Kikoko Holiday Bundles

Unwrap a world of canna-delight with Kikoko’s exclusive holiday bundles, carefully curated to cater to every taste. Brighten up your canna  holidays with a touch of sweetness from their infused honey, guaranteed to add a buzz to your day. Relax and unwind with their soothing tea, offering the perfect escape. For the cannabis experts in the family, explore the potency of their 1000mg XTabs, delivering a precise and expert dosage. Introduce canna-curious friends to the benefits of cannabis with Kikoko’s low-dose mints. These bundles are designed to bring joy to all, ensuring a memorable and diverse cannabis-infused holiday celebration while not breaking the bank. Bundle and save with Kikoko!

Kikoko December to Remember Holiday Bundle
Cannabiotix Holiday Christmas Sale on Top Shelf Flower

Cannabiotix: Holiday Deals

You can’t talk about premier cannabis without mentioning Cannabiotix! Founded by two expert cultivators, Cannabiotix (CBX) is dedicated to crafting and cultivating the most elite genetics in today’s cannabis industry.

Save big this holiday season on your favorite Cannabiotix strains and products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your cannabis journey with Cannabiotix—because when it comes to quality, all they know is heat.


2/$75 4/$140 8/$280 + 25% off the CBX LINE

*Valid on 12/15, 12/16, 12/22, 12/23, 12/29, 12/30. While supplies last.

Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Creams

Bring the holiday cheer with Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal and Topical creams, the ideal present for those seeking alternatives to smoking, precise dosage control, sustained relief, convenience, systemic effects, or a combination of these benefits. Explore exclusive holiday bundles of Mary’s Medicinals transdermal creams, available only at Urbn Leaf. These carefully curated bundles offer a unique and thoughtful way to provide a gift that caters to various wellness needs. Whether you’re gifting for specific preferences or embracing the versatility of Mary’s Medicinals products, you’ll find the perfect solution at Urbn Leaf. Shop now and offer the gift of tailored well-being with Mary’s Medicinals this holiday season. 

Marys Medicinals Transderma Creams
Alien Labs Craft Cannabis Flower

alien labs top shelf flower

Alien Labs: True innovators who didn’t reinvent cannabis but rather transformed the game. Born from a passion for authenticity and a love for all things skate, connoisseur-grade cannabis, and nerd culture, Alien Labs has a legendary reputation through R&D and a genuine labor of love.

2/$75 4/$140 8/$280 Alien Labs 1/8ths

*Valid on 12/15, 12/21, 12/28. While supplies last.

Loudpack indoor flower

Back and LOUDER than ever.

As the ideal stocking stuffer for any legacy flower connoisseur, Loudpack boasts high potency, distinctive terpene profiles, and an unbeatable deal that will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake this holiday season. Elevate your gift-giving with the perfect combination of quality and value, making Loudpack flower a standout choice for those who appreciate top-tier cannabis.

3/$75 Loudpack 1/8ths

*Valid on 12/14, 12/15, 12/16, 12/21, 12/22. While supplies last.

Loudpack legacy cannabis flower
Wyld Cannabis infused edibles Holiday Specials

Wyld Edibles Holiday Special

Celebrate Christmas with the nation’s top-selling cannabis gummy brand, Wyld, for an unforgettable holiday experience. Founded in 2016, Wyld is committed to crafting best-in-class cannabis edibles using real fruit and natural flavors. Rooted in a love for nature, high-quality ingredients, and precise dosing, Wyld has one goal in mind—to produce the world’s best-tasting edibles. This holiday season, enjoy a fantastic deal and save money on your favorite Wyld edibles.

Wyld for $17

*Valid on 12/17, 12/20. While supplies last.

Featured Brand Specials

Unwrap the gift of wellness and joy this holiday season with up to 40% off on these award-winning cannabis brands, including ABX, Farmer and the Felon, Care By Design, Lagunitas Hi-Fi Session, and Terp Council, where industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a belief in the transformative power of cannabis converge, available exclusively at Urbn Leaf.

40% off featured brands

*Valid on 12/15. While supplies last.

Cannacraft house of brands Holiday Cannabis deals
Kiva Edibles cannabis infused chocolate bars and low dose terra bites

Kiva infused Chocolate bars

Make this Christmas extra special with KIVA’s signature line of luxurious cannabis chocolate bar edibles. KIVA meticulously crafts each bar with sustainably-sourced cacao, all-natural flavors, and clean, pure cold water hash. The result is a decadent cannabis-infused chocolate that offers a richer, fuller experience, capturing the essence of the whole plant. KIVA’s chocolate bars are the perfect gift for the sweet tooth in the family ensuring a holiday season filled with joy and cannabis-infused delights. Explore the magic of KIVA’s craftsmanship and make this Christmas truly memorable.

25% off Kiva Bars &Terra Bites

*Valid on 12/15, 12/16, 12/29, 12/30. While supplies last.

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