What to get a dope dad for Father’s Day

The Ultimate Ganja Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad!

Searching for the perfect gift for the dopest dad? Look no further – We’ve curated a list of our top recommendations for every type of dad!

For the dapper dad that needs some Relief

Ricky Williams – Real Wellness

If you’re dad likes football then there’s no doubt he’s heard of Ricky Williams. Earlier this year Ricky launched his new line, “Real Wellness”, of cannabis infused products featuring therapeutic tinctures, a repair salve, and vape cartridges designed to combat headaches and social anxiety.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf line was inspired by a son’s mission to ease his elderly father’s immobilizing back pain. The original balm was formulated in their founder’s kitchen and helped ease his father’s pain, (in conjunction with other therapies) that he actually got ‘Papa’ out of hospice and able to return home. If your dad suffers from any back pain, arthritis, or achy joints, have him try this out.

Dosist Relief

Dosist has taken the vape industry by storm with their leading technology, precise dosages, and targeted formulas. Their disposable vape pens come in 2 sizes – 50 doses or 200 doses plus they offer 6 different formulas targeting effects like relief, calm, bliss, passion, sleep, and arouse. If your pops is always on the go, grab him one of these for discreet relief.

For the old school stoner dads


Known as the strongest blunt in the universe, the Churro is the quintessential blunt for you to share with your padre. Light this bad boy up then kick back, relax, and share some stories, this one’s going to burn for a while.

Biscotti Hash

The original Italian cannabis brand, Biscotti takes pride in their commitment to tradition. Biscotti hash recipes have been perfected over generations and are known for packing a potent punch. Let dad top his bowls with the Critical Jack hash or sprinkle some Strawberry hash in his next joint.

For the dad that needs sleep

Big Pete’s Treats

Big Pete is one of the coolest dads around – He went to school at Oaksterdam University, perfected his canna butter recipe, then created some of the best edible cookies in the state of California. Three delicious flavors dosed with 10mg of THC – Big Pete’s cookies are the perfect way to either introduce your dad to edibles, or knock him out for the night.

Slugworth’s candy

If your dad is new to the cannabis scene Slugworth’s is a great place to start. These medicated gummies are dosed between 5-10mg and are perfect for micro-dosing. If he is still reluctant, let him try Slugworth’s new CBD line!

Flower: Tokyo OG

Nothing like a good ole fashioned bong hit to help the old man sleep. Light up the Urbn Legends Tokyo O.G., turn on a good movie, then mellow out for the night. One bowl of this after work and he’ll be falling right asleep!

For the dad that dips


Possibly one of the most unique products on the market, Cannadips offer a smokeless experience for every lifestyle. These medicated pouches typically take about 10 minutes to feel the effects, so be cautious before popping one in. Remember to warn dad not to drive or operate any machinery after trying any cannabis infused products.

For the dad that still wants to smoke but has to be discreet

Urbn Leaf Vape Battery Kit + Heavy Hitters cartridge

Style your pops out with a new vape pen for Father’s Day. The Urbn Leaf battery kits come stocked with a battery, USB charger, and carrying case. Pair that up with a Heavy Hitters cartridge and dad will be stoned for days.

Select Social

Select Social is an all-in-one portable product that comes ready to use, with no charger required. Testing at 25 to 30 percent THC, Social provides a mild, functional buzz for those dads seeking a mellow dose allowing them to stay lively and engaged in any social situation.

For the dad that dabs

Urbn Extracts – Shatter

Know a dope dad that loves to rip a fat dab? Give him a gift he’ll actually use this year and stock him up on Urbn Extracts shatter. All concentrates are discounted during the month of June, so hurry in and grab a few different strains for him to try!

Father’s Day Card + Pre-roll combo

Few things in life are better than sparking one up with dad. Give him a card that will actually make him feel good, emotionally and physically. Load your card with a pre-roll of your choice and get ready to spend some quality time with your best bud!

*All products mentioned can be found at Urbn Leaf in Bay Park, San Diego.*
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