What to Buy a Dope Dad for Father’s Day

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We all know it’s a constant struggle finding the perfect, sentimental gift that says ‘I love and thank you’ all at the same time. Fortunately for you, we have noticed a lot of Dads (& even granddads) really like weed… so help the fatherly figure in your life out with a gift that will leave him ‘feeling good’ this year.

We’ve compiled our top recommendations for cannabis products then segmented them based off of three cannabis comfort levels (canna-curious, occasional smoker, & cannaseur). Of course, these recommendations could be used at any level, but we highly advise you consume with caution; some of these products are not for the faint of heart! 

For the cannabis curious dad… 

These are the Dads that have probably asked a ton of questions, maybe even taken a hit off a joint or vape pen once or twice, and always brag about how they tried a brownie once’ in college. If this sounds familiar, a slow and steady introduction to cannabis is probably the best bet.  

For the beer drinker, Lagunitas Brewery worked with Absolute Extracts to create Lagunitas Hi-Fi HopsThis IPA-inspired sparkling beverage is non-alcoholic, has zero calories, zero carbs, and is infused with THC/CBD from the finest sun grown cannabis. Hi-Fi Hops is available in three different doses so you can fine tune your experience – 18:1MG CBD-rich, 5:5MG CBD/THC, and 10MG THC. These give a great nod to their flavorful, Lagunitas roots and will leave your Pops feeling good after one bottle.

As our parents age, so do their joints. Papa and Barkley makes great balms, patches, and tinctures for active Dads. If he’s always on the move or complaining about his aches and pains Papa & Barkley’s Releaf balm is the perfect gift for him. It comes in both THC and CBD formulations, so we like to recommend this is a nice introductory cannabis product. 

For our adventurous Dad’s, we love our Mule backpack. The roll-top conveniently expands to hold a TON of gadgets and the material is extra durable for even the most rugged of journeys! Throw in a Fiddlers Greens OG Kush THCa tincture for his next camp out so he can infuse dinner, spice up a mocktail, or use it for relief after a long hike. Since this tincture is made with THCa, the THC will not activate until heat is presented, so if he consumes it sublingually he might not feel that stoney cerebral high. However, if he leaves the tincture in the sun/heat or uses it to cook the THCa will convert to THC and the intoxicating effects will kick in.   

For the occasional smoker… 

This Dad is familiar with weed. Maybe he’s a bedtime smoker or maybe he’s a social smokerMaybe he only eats edibles, uses tinctures, or hits the vape every now and then. Either wayhe’s making that gram or eighth in his medicine cabinet/freezer last for an absurd amount of time. 

Shortys Pre-Rolls are ideal for the Dad who needs a little pick me up! Spark one up with dad or save one for later. Shorty’s pre-rolls are stuffed with two half-gram joints in each tube.

Micro-dosing edibles has peaked in popularity as the effects are more mild and geared towards boosting your mood vs. the heavy cerebral highs you get from flower. If your Dad is always out there stealing your candy these sugar-coated gummies are the best gift for him. Sluggy’s are individually wrapped, dosed at 10mg each, and they’re available in three flavors/effects – Green apple sativa, watermelon hybrid, and strawberry indica. 

Our friends at Field Extracts have the extraction game DOWN to a science. Their high-quality cartridges are a pristine choice for the Dad who loves to have his vape on hand. They are flavorful, discreet, and leave you feeling like you just hit your dab rig every time! Pro tip: get your special guy one of our Dab Caps to use as an attachment to their favorite bong or rig. We promise he will love it! 

For the die hard Cannaseur… 

This Dad SMOKES and he’s not afraid to show it. Maybe you’ve been around weed since birth or heard stories about him selling hijinks. You’ve probably bonded over a blunt already and if he’s hip with the times, maybe he’s even asked you to show him how to take a ‘dab’. Whatever it is, this guy has seen it all. Fortunately for you, it’s 2020 and cannabis products just keep getting better.  

All Dads love a good vacation. Most Dad’s love a vacation where they can sit in the sand with a certain iconic drink in hand. We are talking about Mai-Tai’s here, people! COVID-19 may have wrecked his 2020 travel plans, but we know where he can still get his Mai Tai fix. Our Urbn Leaf Mai Tai flower is an indica-dominant strain that leaves you with a super indulgent taste and smell reminiscent of a beachy rum-filled cocktail. Now he’ll need to fine grind all that fire flower so be sure to swoop him one of our hemp grinders from our collaboration with Santa Cruz Shredder

Packwoods are finely rolled blunts that are reserved for the ultimate connoisseur. Each offering boasts two grams of lab-tested, hand broken, premium flower mixed with a high potency concentrate, dusted in kief, then rolled up in a 100% tobacco free wrap with an engineered glass filter at the tip. It’s the optimal gift for the stoner who raised you. If he really loves you, he might even share 

For the dads with the green thumb, Humboldt Seed Company has high-quality cannabis seed starter packs that will make backyard time way more exciting. There is an array of strains to choose from, and each pack contains 10/20 seeds depending on what your personal needs are. 

Finally for the Dads who dab, we sell all kinds of attachments, accessories, and rigs to help get his smoke on. 710 Labs has top-notch hash products that make the ultimate companion gift for any piece you may have set your eyes on. Their Percy Live Rosin formulations are some of the tastiest terps we have ever had the pleasure of smoking! 

 We hope this guide helped ease your shopping anxiety. Let us know what Dad thought of your choices by tagging us in your photos @urbnleafca! 

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