Urbn Leaf’s Holiday Gift Guide

Urbn Leaf California Holiday Gift Guide for Cannabis Users

The holidays are around the corner, but it’s not too late for a Christmas miracle. Check off the rest of your list at Urbn Leaf. Follow our handy guide of must-have cannabis gifts and stocking stuffers.

Urbn Leaf Holiday Bundles:

Carefully curated, our exclusive holiday bundles are sure to please everyone from the newbie to the legend. Choose from three best-in-class options, available for pick up in-stores.

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The Legend Urbn Leaf Christmas Cannabis Gift Holiday Bundle

Urbn Leaf Concentrates

Whichever flavors or strains you choose, you can’t go wrong with Urbn Leaf concentrates. Pair with a Dr. Dabber vaporizer (the SWITCH, Boost EVO or Light Pen Kit — only in stores) to create your own holiday bundle.

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Kikoko’s Little Helpers Mints:

Get through the holiday madness without worrying about getting too high around family. Festive and discreet, Kikoko’s Little Helpers mints are packed with microdosed cannabinoids, vitamins and plant adaptogens.

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Kikoko Little Helpers Low Dose THC Edible Mints at Urbn Leaf Holiday Gift Guide in California
Kiva Confections Cannabis Infused Edible Chocolate Bars from California Dispensary Urbn Leaf

Kiva Confections Blackberry (100mg) Dark Chocolate Bar

Kiva’s blackberry dark chocolate bar is sure to become an instant favorite Christmas candy. Fresh blackberries, toasty cannabis and 54 percent cacao come together to create a rich, tart treat giftees can enjoy on-the-go.

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Potli Honey & Sriracha

For edibles lovers, Potli creates accessible culinary products to easily add cannabis to dishes or drinks. If a well deserved pick-me-up is what they need, consider Potli’s all-natural, Going Up Honey, a THC dominant infused raw, wildflower honey. Add this to your morning tea for the perfect uplift to start your day. If they’re more adventurous with their meals, Potli’s Sriracha delivers a powerful punch of heat and 100mg of THC.

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Potli Cannabis Infused Raw Organic Honey Going Up Edible and Cooking Ingredient
Urbn Leaf Exclusive Cannabis Vape Cartridges featuring High Potency Distillate and Botanically derived terpene profiles

Urbn Leaf Vape Cartridges

We’re thrilled to bring you new, strain-specific cannabis extract cartridges. We teamed up with Leef Labs, home of what’s probably the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art extraction facility in the state, to produce a high standard botanically derived terpenes and high potency distillate carts.  Like all of the brands and products we carry, Urbn Leaf vape cartridges are Chief Cannabis Officer-tested and approved for efficacy, quality and consistency, and they’re backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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Please enjoy responsibly. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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