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Interview with Gary Vandenberghe – LEEF Labs

We’re super proud of our new vape babies and the next-level quality that’s a result of our cart collab with LEEF Labs. “We care,” Gary Vandenberghe, LEEF’s head of manufacturing told us. “We use the same products ourselves and hold the experience of getting lifted by cannabis a very sacred activity.” One pull and we’re sure you’ll be able to taste and feel the TLC.

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Why do you think Urbn Leaf and Leef make great partners for this vape collab?

Both Urbn Leaf and Leef share a similar set a values, we both have deep roots in the 2.15 cannabis culture and put high value on end consumer experience.

Why do you think someone who’s never tried a vape before should expand to include it in their repertoire?

Ease of use, potency of the cart, and consistent flavor give the user a discrete high quality experience

What’s your personal go-to when it comes to cannabis?

Dabs through a quartz nail. I prefer cold start dabs so I can control the temperature of the quartz nail. Slowly bringing the dab to boil and watch as it begins to vaporize.

Urbn Leaf Exclusive Cannabis Vape Cartridges featuring High Potency Distillate and Botanically derived terpene profiles
Urbn Leaf and Leef Labs Distillate Vape Cart California Cannabis Dispensary

Personal thoughts on the vape experience?

I love vaping. It gives me an easy on-the-go experience that keeps me consistently medicated.

Leef’s mission is all about trust. What do you see happening in the industry—why is trust such a huge factor when it comes to cannabis? How does this apply more specifically to distillates?

I see large scale cannabis companies taking over the market, however I see there always being the need for a connoisseur grade hash. As cannabis consumers get more educated and large scale cultivators tackle issues of scale, I believe the more skilled the playing field will begin to even out. At that point it’s about integrity of product and knowing where your cannabis is coming from. Similar to organic certification I see the need for such certifications in cannabis but on a deeper level where the region of cultivation and soil bacteria, and advanced symbiotic farming practices are considered into account and a more vineyard approach is taken to the cannabis world.

Can you talk a little bit about the ‘dark side’ here? What are the potential dangers in shady distilling, and how does Leef address those in its manufacturing process?

The dark side of distillation is the age old extraction adage “fire in, fire out” that has effectively been lost in the distillation world. Most distillers believe that they can create a premium product even from the lowest quality of inputs. With the use of toxic secondary solvents and mixed with further chemical filtration distiller can achieve what appears to be premium distillate.

We believe that the old adage stands true even in our distillation process. We source high potency inputs to achieve our premium grade distillate. We also utilize a state-of-the art four stage filtration process that pulls out unwanted constituents and purify our distillate beyond belief.

Urbn Leaf and Leef Labs Distillate Vape Cart California Cannabis Dispensary
Urbn Leaf and Leef Labs Distillate Vape Cart California Cannabis Dispensary

What do you think is unique about Leef as a company?

We have roots deep in cultivation, with emphasis on extraction through multiple modalities. We offer both bulk and branded production to other companies along with several in-house brands. We have dedicated team members/owners who care deeply for the cannabis plant and the end users experience.

What’s something about Leef (or the people who work there) that most would never guess or think about?

We consider ourselves a Mendocino Legacy Brand. Our roots are deep in both Mendo and Humboldt. Our team leaders have been cultivating and extract in the hills of California for decades.

What’s one thing about Leef that keeps you awake with excitement or anticipation?

New technologies that we can come up coupled with new delivery methods.

What do nerd out on in regard to your extraction technology?

All the different usable parts of the cannabis plant. Dissecting the plant into these constituents and then recombining them into new products.

What’s one thing that anyone who holds an Urbn Leaf x Leef vape cart in their hand should know about it?

We care… We use the same products ourselves and hold the experience of getting lifted by cannabis a very sacred activity.




URBN Leaf Dispensaries has partnered with arguably the most Sophisticated Manufacturing facility in the state of California. LEEF Labs holds both a Type 6 & 7 manufacturing license. Their 12,000 sq ft state-of-the-art extraction and manufacturing facility operates using a closed-loop system keeping oil virtually un-touched throughout the production process. LEEF Labs merges pharmaceutical grade purification with industry best extraction and formulation practices.

Located at the gateway to the Emerald Triangle in the southern corridor of Mendocino, our Willits campus serves as a convenient collection point for all things California cannabis. With access to high grade material, the LEEF team of agronomist and long-time cannabis cultivators are the perfect liaison between our network of farms and the distribution network at the Willits Canna Park. Meticulously formulated for the cannabis enthusiast, the first drop of URBN Leaf Distillate Vape pens were a collaborative effort between the team at LEEF Labs and URBN Leaf, Formulated for both taste and performance the proprietary blend of high potency distillate and botanically derived terpenes do not disappoint. Available in an array of flavors and sizes (.5 gram and 1 gram) the URBN Leaf Line of Vape pens has a little something for everyone.

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