Top 10 Cannabis Gifts for Moms in 2020

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard work and can often be stressful, especially during a pandemic. If anyone deserves to kick back, relax and reap the benefits of our dear friend Mary Jane, it’s definitely her.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 products for every kind of mom, so stop searching for the perfect present and treat your mom to the gift of cannabis for her special day!

Some of these items may no longer be available at participating locations. Shop online at your local Urbn Leaf for pickup and delivery!


Urbn Leaf Mimosa

For those moms that have been smoking weed since the 70s – gift them an 1/8th of Urbn Leaf Mimosa. A couple puffs of this Clementine x Purple Punch cross will give her unforgettable cerebral high. Just like the beverage, there is no bad time to enjoy a little Mimosa.

Dr. Raw Organics Balance Tincture

For the mom that frequents the health store and is no stranger to Whole Foods—we recommend Dr. Raw Organics Balanced Tincture, a harmonious blend of CBD:THC extract that’s sure to provide a sensational, yet calming experience. Have her add a couple of drops of Balance to her next smoothie or meal and this super food will have her back to feeling like a supermom in no time.

Mary’s Medicinals CBN Capsules

If mom needs a little help sleeping through the night Mary’s Medicinals CBN Capsules should do the trick. CBN’s distinct sedative quality is undoubtedly the thing that sets it apart from the other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Each capsule is dosed at 5mg of CBN delivering a sleepy and relaxed buzz for those restless nights.

Sluggy’s Gummies

For the mom that doesn’t want to smoke, but still wants to feel a little buzz – Get her some Sluggy’s cannabis-infused gummies and let her ease her way in. Each candy is individually wrapped and dosed at 10mg so their perfect for micro-dosing.

Kiva Terra Espresso Bites

You know that mom that’s always on the go. Maybe she’s juggling working while online schooling her kids and keeping the house clean, or she’s busy taking care of everyone else in the family. Get her a tin of KIVA Terra Bites & thank us later. These decadent little chocolates are crafted from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and coated in Kiva’s Dark Chocolate. With 5MG of THC per bite, Terra offers dosing that is as convenient as it is delicious. The resealable container makes it easy to enjoy a little now, and a little later, too.

Dosist Vape Pens

For the mom who new to cannabis, the Dosist’s vape pens make intake easy without the fear of over consuming. Each pen comes equipped with award winning technology that delivers a precise dose, making it the perfect for any mom that needs discreet relief while on the go.

Kush Queen – Love 1:1 25mg CBD + 25mg THC Bath Bomb

Everyone loves a good bath bomb, but have you ever tried one with THC and CBD? Tell mom to drop one of these in the tub, light a candle, and chill – She’ll feel her muscles start to relax and let all that tension fade away leaving her with a nice body buzz.

Shorty’s Pre-rolls

Few things in life are better than sparking one up with your mom, so be sure to grab a pack of Shorty’s.  Each pack of Shorty’s comes with the perfect pair of .5g mini pre-rolls, so there’s no need to puff pass ­– one for you and one for her.

Cann Blood Orange Cardamom

For the social butterfly, Cann is the hottest new drinkable on the market. These tasty cannabis infused social tonics are dosed at 4mg CBD 2mg THC per can and they come in the cutest packaging. Gift her a 6-pack then watch her kick back and chill with a cold cann in hand.

Papa & Barkley – 1-3 THC Releaf Balm 50ml

We’re no stranger to the fact that some moms aren’t completely open to the idea of cannabis quite yet. P&B’s award winning Releaf Balm is for the all the apprehensive mothers out there who need a warm introduction to the benefits that cannabis provides. By using a topical, the Cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin but do not enter the bloodstream making it non-psychoactive. Gently massage the balm over any irritated areas for targeted relief. This Releaf Balm is great for those suffering from arthritis, sore muscles, or inflammation.

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