Quarantine & Chill: Top Shows & Movies for Cannabis Lovers

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, Urbn Leaf here! Ever since the shelter in place orders went into effect, things have been a little off schedule.

We are all just here looking for ways to entertain ourselves in self-highsolation. We asked a few of our team members to help compile the ULTIMATE list of our favorite flicks. For stoners, by stoners (so you know it’s a good one.) Grab the kush and cuddle up on the couch – Let’s see if you can binge them all before quarantine ends!

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold and Kumar are the ultimate post-college 20-somethings in this hilarious comedy about two guys who have a serious case of the munchies. They embark on a crazy journey to White Castle that takes them through a ton of different scenarios including one involving a high on drugs Neil Patrick Harris. Watch this on Netflix if you are in the mood for some good bro laughs.  NETFLIX. 

How High

Anything that mixes history and weed has us sold! Method Man and Redman join each other as students who end up getting into Harvard after smoking some magical flower that helps them ace their college entrance exams. Naturally, some mischief follows…and they find themselves in jeopardy of graduating. few notable highlights? The references that cannabis helps combat nausea, a sick soundtrack, and a special cameo by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself. Catch it on AMAZON PRIME.

Dazed and Confused

Set in the late 1970’s, this cult classic follows a group of high schoolers on their last day of school. They find themselves at a keg party and of course, that’s when the real hi-jinks start. With Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck at the helm, the characters are really what makes this film shine. You will also catch yourself grooving to the fabulous soundtrack that is straight out of the Summer of Love. Hulu or Amazon Prime 

Murder Mountain

Available on Netflix, this more subdued documentary shows you what life is like living on a cannabis farm in the deep woods of Northern California. It focuses on a young man who had traveled to Humboldt to work on an illegal farm then disappeared from the face of the earth shortly after. Unfortunately, this has been not a onetime occurrence. The documentary maker sets out to show the vast differences behind some of the operations of legal and illegal grows, and the dangers that may lurk around the corners if you are in the latter group. The balance of both groups trying to keep business afloat while dealing with the new changing laws is quite fascinating. NETFLIX 

Narcos: Mexico S1

We love a good gangster story…especially if it has some truth to it. This popular Netflix series outlays the start of the Mexican drug cartel crisis and how cannabis played a role in the start. They follow closely the true story of Kiki Camarena who was one of the original DEA agents on the case. As the plot thickens, you start to realize that the good guys are over the heads in a Country where the government can be bought out with cash. 

Half Baked

Two words. Dave Chapelle. This movie about a pot smoking janitor and his friends is his brainchild and he does not let you down. The classic stoner comedy will have you splitting your sides with classic Chapelle jokes and quirks. 


This will last you a solid week considering it is 8 seasons long, however, this is the mother (no pun intended) of all cannabis related tv shows. We see a suburban housewife, Nancy Botwin, lose her husband and prepare the make the choice to enter the weed game. As with any new venture, things do not go exactly to plan almost ever but the main characters slick ability to survive is nothing short of amazing. Funny man Kevin Nealon adds great comedic relief to the cast, as well, as their lovable stoner accountant. Originally on Showtime, you can catch Weeds on Netflix now. 


This movie is all about two friends named Craig and Smokey and a random Friday they ended up having. Craig somehow gets fired on his day off and meets up with his buddy to blow off some steam with a smoke. We then find out that Smokey was given some weed to sell but ended up smoking it all himself and the two have until nighttime to find $200 to pay for it. Not all goes as planned. Two thumbs up for Ice Cube and Chris Tucker…the soundtrack is great, too! AMAZON PRIME 

Pineapple Express

Seth Rogan and James Franco come together as a stoner tour de force in the 2008 film that had us all drooling over their invention of the cross joint. The duo ends up unwittingly dropping a joint of their prized strain at a murder scene which then leads to the hilarious adventures that come out of trying to evade drug dealers and dirty cops. AMAZON PRIME 

Bong Appetit’ 

Vice really did us stoners a favor with this one. Have you ever watched a cooking show high? Dangerous…now imagine watching a cooking show about cooking with WEED. Enough said. 

Archer S2 

We don’t know about you guys, but our favorite version of Archer is cannabis activist Archer. Yes, Archer gets breast cancer in this season and turns to Medical Marijuana to help cope. He then finds out that the Irish mob is meddling with his cancer drugs and then proceeds to go on revenge missions all while holding a joint. Could he be our new cartoon hero? Maybe. If you want to get specific, Episode 9 contains the most laugh-inducing stoner moments. HULU 

South Park 

South Park has consistently been at the forefront of almost every social and celebrity movement since they started 23 years ago. Having a cameo or even being featured on the show is a great honor and a true testament that you have either made it…or they think you are completely ridiculous. We all knew they had something to say about the legalization of cannabis, but we are all not ready for what they gave us in Tegridy Farms. Randy Marsh moves his whole family out to the country to start a new business doing…you guessed it, FARMING CANNABIS! The topic was such a hit that they started off season 23 with a 6-episode Tegridy Farms arc that has been moved to a permanent location on the show. HULU 

That 70’S Show

This show revolves around the lives of a group of high-school friends as they navigate love, jobs, school, and everything else that comes with the pains of growing up. No matter what happens, they always seem to come together to smoke weed at their round table in Eric’s garage to reflect and catch-up. This show is highly relatable and highly hilarious! NETFLIX 

The Beach 

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in a movie all about the highs and lows of achieving Utopia. His character hears of a place where you can be who you want, do what you want, and smoke all the weed you want. Naturally, he finds out where this magical, primitive place is at and winds up making it there. What he learns over time is that not all is well in paradise and we see a kind of Lord of the Fly’s theme breaking through. The subject may grow heavy, but the beautiful shots of paradise and those heady green fields are enough to keep us glued to the screen. AMAZON PRIME 

Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens 

Action Bronson is somewhat of modern renaissance man. He raps, he cooks, he smokes...and he loves to share it all with you. He has two notable series that run on Viceland (also on youtube)If you are the stoner that loves to get into conspiracy theories and alien stories, I HIGHLY recommend that you tune into his show, Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens. He collects an influential group of different guests each show (you may have heard of a few of them), busts out the weed, and starts letting the opinions fly. They pretty much end up laughing at most of it, but you also get some sheer stoner GEMS that are so good, you will feel compelled to share the giggles. Another web series that he hosts is FUCK, that’s delicious. He gets to highlight some of his chef skills all while bringing his personality to the screen. YOUTUBE 

The Tiger King

OK – This one might not be cannabis related, but it will have you scratching your stoned head whispering WTF repeatedly. When we say you have never heard or seen a story like this before, we truly mean it. Nothing can prepare you for Joe Exotic, a homosexual big cat wrangler and zoo owner who dabbled in both country music and politics. He is currently serving time in prison for a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin from Big Cat Rescue in Florida, and still claims his innocence. This Netflix documentary has it ALL. Murder, romance, lions, tigers, leather, cult themes, drug addiction, polygamy, you name it! 


Other notable mentions:

  • Disjointed
  • Reincarnated
  • Cooking on High 
  • The Grass is Greener 
  • Reefer Madness 
  • Scary Movie  
  • The Big Lebowski
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