KEEF Cola – Edible Floats

One of our most favorite Holiday treats comes in a golden sweet and spicy liquid form. What may that be? Besides the obvious answer of maybe a nice bubbly concentrate ready to be inhaled, you might have also guessed Hot Apple Cider…and if you did, you would be correct!

You can split it with a friend, or for a real treat, keep it all to yourself!



2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

12oz Keef Cola Root Beer

whipped cream garnish

maraschino cherry garnish



tall glass

ice cream scoop (or a spoon works just fine!)



1) Use a tall glass, preferably a float glass or a beer stein. Freeze your glasses prior to use for an extra frosty experience.
2) Add the ice cream to the glass and pour the root beer in slowly at an angle to reduce fizz and risk of overflow.
3)Top with whipped cream and a cherry.


Fun Recipe Variations:

  • “The Chocoholic,” which starts with a chocolate syrup-rimmed glass that’s rolled in sprinkles, and swaps vanilla ice cream for — you guessed it — chocolate! Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup if you’re really committed to your addiction!
  • “The Very Vanilla” highlights the bean’s mellow flavor with a teaspoon of vanilla extract mixed in with the root beer.
  • “The Slushie.” Simply combine vanilla ice cream, root beer, and ice in a blender, and blend until icy – whipped cream and cherries optional!
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