Introducing Urbn Leaf’s Feel Good Five

Introducing Urbn Leaf’s Feel Good Five

A fictional team of CannaCrusaders on a mission to help the world feel good while battling for justice.

Comic-Con is a signature event in our hometown of San Diego. The streets downtown flood with a variety of characters from all over the world. For the last three years our community outreach team has hit the pavement chatting it up with with princesses, warlocks, superheros, and villains who all share one common passion – cannabis.

We had big plans to assemble our own squad of essential heroes that would make their debut at this week’s big event. However, Covid-19 had other plans.  In an effort to keep the spirit alive we turned the ‘Feel Good Five’ characters into a set of coloring sheets so you can help us bring them to life from home.

Chef Slugworth

Dr. Tincture



Urbn Leaf Man

Concentrate Cowboy

Flower Ranger

Urbn Leaf Feel Good Five

The Feel Good Five

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