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Introducing Dr. Raw – available at Urbn Leaf!

Simple. Clean. Cannabis.


Dr. Raw offers solutions to 3 different ‘needs’:

  • Focus – The Focus Formula was developed for soccer moms and folks on the go who want to experience a sense of wellbeing, with increased alertness. The Focus Formula is a 1:20 THC:CBD ratio, which causes little to no euphoric effect and a calm, focused feeling. The Focus Formula is for those who want to crush their to-do list or find relief from common ailments, without any of the ‘high’ or buzz.


  • Balance – The Balance Formula is a favorite among Dr. Raw fans. In a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, these two harmonious medicines act together to provide a sensational experience that lifts mood and gives a calming sensation. Expect to radiate a warm, glowing smile while maintaining mental and physical function. Balance Formula is recommended for folks seeking inspiration, playfulness, and happiness.
  • Relax – The Relax formula is for those seeking a magical, sensory experience through its high THC formula, 20:1 THC:CBD. Enjoy a deeper state of relaxation with a touch of mental & physical euphoria. The Relax Formula is ideal for those seeking pain relief or help with sleeping the whole night through. Because of the euphoric effects of this formula, start with a small dose and increase as you feel comfortable.











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