Featured Brand: Big Pete’s Cannabis-Infused Cookies

Introducing Big Pete’s Cookies – available at Urbn Leaf!

There are a ton of things that we come into contact with in life that bring up feelings of nostalgia. For example, some like fresh-cut grass. Others, the sound of a sports game. For all of us at Urbn Leaf, the scent of fresh-baked cookies not only brings us back to childhood, but it also takes us back to the edible days of the early 2000s where 1000mg bars still thrived on the shelves and everyone was experimenting with achieving that perfect balance of weed and sugar.

Fortunately for us, Big Pete’s excelled above the rest and found a way to channel that homemade taste and feeling straight into his cannabutter sweets. Each cookie comes in a 10mg portion size…which can be broken in half for a lighter dose. The options for creation are endless…anything you can put a cookie in, replace with Big Pete’s. We have included some of our favorite recipes for your inspiration:

Big Pete’s Cookie Milkshake

Big Pete’s Cookie Parfait

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We carry Big Pete’s cannabis-infused cookies in 3 buttery and tasty flavors:

  • Peanut Butter (Sativa/Indica)
  • Double Chocolate (Sativa/Indica)
  • Chocolate Chip (Sativa/Indica)

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