Edibles Manufacturers Find Flaw with Proposed CA Reg…

The California Bureau of Marijuana Control recently released their proposed regulations for medical cannabis in 2018. Among the various regulations proposed for delivery services, applications for business, and more are some very poignant restrictions on potency.

These proposed regulations allow for packages containing 100 mg of THC at the most. The text goes further to say that each package should contain obviously marked pieces dosed at 10 mg each. This regulation would force multiple prominent cannabis edible manufacturers to restructure their manufacturing, packaging, and in some cases, even their branding. The regulations were formulated with public health in mind. Colorado and Washington have both implemented a suggested dose of 10 mg with a maximum THC at 100 mg per package, and it has worked out for most patients.

These regulations will help to save patients and recreational users from ingesting far higher than a comfortable dose of THC. Though most cannabis advocates are very quick to point out that ingesting cannabis has never resulted in a fatal overdose, many people can have a very uncomfortable experience after eating too much THC. It is also important to note that some patients, specifically those replacing an opioid regimen, require higher doses of cannabis to treat their chronic illnesses. These patients don’t want to have to ingest tons of calories to reach their proper dose of cannabinoid medicine for the day.

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The regulations are set to be discussed in Santa Rosa and San Diego in June. They are currently undergoing a 45-day commenting period. Proposed regulations have only been released for a week or so and they are already garnering much attention, specifically from manufacturers of high potency edibles. Edibles companies across California are working to understand the logistics of how to deal with these changes in their product line. However, it might not even be necessary if those lobbying for higher potency edibles succeed.

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