Dime Bag

Spark It. Smoke It. Pass It.

Dime Bag embodies the spirit of communal enjoyment. It’s a reminder that cannabis is meant to be shared, stories exchanged, friendships kindled, and the rich cannabis culture passed down from one generation to the next.

Founded in 2018, nestled in the heart of California where the sun kisses the soil, and the cannabis culture thrives. Dime Bag, born from the nostalgia of simpler times, takes you back to an era when weed came in a bag, and good weed at a good price was all that mattered. Our story is rooted in the essence of old-school authenticity.

Like a cherished vinyl record, Dime Bag’s roots go deep. We harken back to the days when rolling a joint meant sharing stories and laughter.  A time when weed had names you could remember.  Our journey begins with the very essence of cannabis culture.

Dime Bag is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of the cannabis culture, an open invitation to connect, and a tribute to simpler times. Join us as we embark on a journey back to the origins of quality cannabis, where value and authenticity hold sway. Your story is our story, together, let’s spark it, smoke it, and pass it on.

I Remember My First Dime Bag.

Spark adventures, share laughter, and pass a joint among friends.

The Collection.

Dime Bag Flower

All Dime Bag flower is grown in sunny California. It’s incredible value brought to you at an affordable price.

Dime Bag Pre-Rolls

Dime Bag’s pre-rolls are a smooth smoking and high-potency experience.

Dime Bag Vapes

Dime Bag’s vapes are made using our in-house high-potency distillate and botanical terpene blends to develop the true expression and flavor of strains you enjoy.

Dime Bag Concentrates

Dime Bag’s live Resin concentrates are made using sourced Fresh Frozen plant material, extracted at cold temperatures to ensure that we keep the product “live” all the way through its process.

Let the good times roll.

Your story is our story, together, let's spark it, smoke it, and pass it on.

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