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Strengthening community connections through collaboration. Exclusive benefits for local businesses. Supporting local growth and success.

about the lgnd-ary club

The Urbn LGND club offers local businesses the opportunity to partner with Urbn Leaf to access exclusive employee pricing, digital and in-store co-marketing, and additional exposure, while we seek your collaboration in our marketing efforts at your business in-store and digitally.

We are looking to forge meaningful partnerships and leveraging each other’s strengths, to support the growth and success of both of our businesses.

Urbn Legend Stash Rewards Cannabis Loyalty Program

The perks.

We are seeking a collaboration with your business  in hosting our promo materials, offering our discount cards and coupons to eligible guests, digital support and any additional co-marketing opportunities. In exchange, we’re offering your business:

Employee pricing

Enjoy 40% off exclusively for you and your staff at any of our locations.

Digital exposure

Your business will be featured on our ‘Local Favorites’ on our website + social features.


Opportunity for in-store promotional assets, store events + future marketing possibilities.

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