Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving: High for the Holidays

Urbn Leaf Cooking with cannabis Thanksgiving recipes

It’s high-time we recognize Thanksgiving as the best holiday for cannabis lovers. It’s a day devoted to food, spending time with loved ones and more food. What could be better? A high holiday with cannabis-infused dishes.


Before you start bookmarking recipes, talk to your family/friends about whether you plan to host or bring cannabis-infused foods to Thanksgiving dinner. This conversation will give you an opportunity to be open about cannabis use and to understand their levels of comfortability.

If you decide to move forward with having a high holiday, make sure to clearly label any cannabis-infused dishes and include the dosing instructions, as well as the amount and type of cannabis used. (To learn more about how to accurately do this, check out this three-step guide.)

Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes

First, if you’re new to making edibles at home, learn how to decarb your cannabis before you start cooking. This process activates the THC, to produce a potent edible. Now let’s dig into some recipes.

Weed butter is a common staple for infusing dishes From rolls to turkey and gravy, weed butter is a simple, delicious way to add cannabis to food. Here are some ideas for infusing Thanksgiving staples!

Mixing in dry marijuana leaves with other herbs to garnish fluffy mashed potatoes, or infuse the crowd-favorite green bean casserole. For the finale — pumpkin pie — add cannabutter to the crust or filling. There are many recipes to discover this holiday season.

A toast to cannabis more your style this holiday season? Instead of infusing dishes, another option to consider is cannabis-infused accents, like cannahoney to drizzle on rolls or as part of a classy charcuterie. A cannabis-infused apple cider is another festive, low-key option. If your family/friends don’t wish to partake at all, you can simply infuse your leftovers

Weed Butter Cannabis Cooking Thanksgiving Urbn Leaf Dispensary in California

(This season, we highly recommend Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cheesecake, Ice Cream Cake and Sherbert.) Stop by your local Urbn Leaf dispensary for one-on-one assistance and to explore our Shelf.

However you celebrate the holiday with cannabis, please do so responsibly.

For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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