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Ice. Water. Heat. Pressure.

That’s the secret sauce behind CLSICS’ process of Live Rosin extraction and it’s one that’s incredibly precise and consistent. That means terpenes are preserved at every step, so you get more therapeutic and calming effects when you use it and a better, longer-lasting high. If one of your favorite parts of your cannabis ritual is the smell and taste, do yourself a favor and go straight to Live Rosin for your next concentrate experience. Check out our interview with Dean Rockford of CLSICS  below


You use an artisanal process of extraction. Can you lead us through the most important, interesting, or unique aspects of your production process?

What I think is most interesting about making Live Rosin is that while it is such an incredibly simple process, it is also critical to be incredibly precise and consistent.  All we use is ice, water, heat and pressure, but if we don’t do it right, it doesn’t work.  At the end of the day, it’s all about temperature control to preserve the terpenes throughout each step we take.  We do that through maintaining cold temperatures.  From being harvested and packaged in the shade and frozen on the farm, to being transported in freezer trucks to being washed in a temperature-controlled room all in the name of preservation of terpenes.

Why should someone care about keeping terpenes in their product? How are you able to do that with your process when others can’t?

In short, the higher the concentration of terpenes, the larger the effect on the body. Many terpenes are associated with their therapeutic and calming effects on the human body. Terpenes have an antioxidant effect, boosting the effects of cannabinoids and giving you a greater, longer-lasting high.

Other extraction processes using solvents will give you a high THC % and potency but they ruin the natural flavors from the cannabis flower.  Gas extractions processes strip out the natural terpenes causing a more bland flavor and essentially losing any of the benefits of the terpenes.

Our process on the other hand, is a gentle process with the intention of preserving and separating trichome heads from the biomass flower.  We do everything possible to preserve the terpenes from start to finish.


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve pulled off in a final product while avoiding using butane?

The curing process (letting the live rosin settle after being pressed) definitely continues to blow my mind.  Each strain we cure behaves completely different from color, texture, to time it takes to cure.

Full spectrum clsics live rosin california cannabis extraction

Can you romance the CLSICS rosin experience vs a typical resin? How do they differ and what do you get to enjoy in your experience with rosin?

Taste wise, there is a big difference between the two.  The final product of Live Resin seems to have less variety and range of flavors when compared to what can be procured during Live Rosin extraction.  If you truly love the smell and taste of quality cannabis, there is no better way to concentrate than Live Rosin.

Beyond a clean process and integrity of product, what’s CLSICS intention for usage? How do you see your customers living and enjoying what you offer? 

Our vision is to create an affordable range of products that can be easily consumed in many different ways and environments.  From being out on a hike and using our vapes, pre-rolls or gummies, to at home with our concentrates and your favorite terp slurper setup.


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Shop your favorite CLSICS’s products here

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CLSICS is a premier California cannabis brand focused on producing state of the art full spectrum live rosin and rosin infused products. Handcrafted in San Diego, California by true connoisseurs; Ice, water, heat, pressure, and cannabis are the only ingredients used in their products which means that their products are completely free of any residual solvents typically present in hash made from butane or CO2 extraction.

Rosin Concentrate

They believe that rosin is not only the apex of cannabis extraction, it’s also part of a natural lifestyle. Carefully crafted and perfectly pressed, the CLSICS processes are designed to capture the true essence of every cultivar they select resulting in an unrivaled aromatic and flavorful experience. These compounds work together to deliver an unmatched experience commonly known as  the “entourage effect”.  The theory that various cannabis compounds work together to create unique effects and benefits.  They were the first to create a rosin-infused strain-specific pre roll line intentionally made for an easy to use, on-the-go rosin experience for novices and experts alike.  They also continue to push the envelope with additional rosin products including live rosin vapes and live rosin gummies.

They believe solventless live rosin is the future, and the future is here. Today Just Got Better.

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