Best Cannabis Products for Summer in California


Summer in California.

Best Cannabis Products and activities for an endless Summer in California

Best Cannabis Products & activities for an endless Summer in California

Looking for an Endless Summer in California? Slow Down Time With These Strategies

If you feel like summer is roaring by, you’re not alone. But there’s still time to do something about that… and it’s an easier shift than you think. Let’s pull back, slow down, and make the most of it: Here are some tried-and-true tips to try and foolproof places to do them. We’ve even paired them with some of our summer flower faves, all part of the Feel Good Bundle available in stores now.

California Outdoor Adventure with Sublime Infused Cannabis

Stop rushing & start smelling the flower(s).

If your calendar is packed and you’re finding yourself in a serious grind between work and your social life, we see you. Book a day (or 30+ of them) to do nothing. Or even better, to do nothing surrounded by nature. Our favorite spot to do just that: the San Diego Botanic Garden. With 37 acres to explore and miles of winding trails, you’ll find the perfect spot to sit and absorb the best of summer. Explore a crazy-cool array of plants, from Pacific natives to far-flung and endangered ones. Stow a Sublime Fuzzies Fruities Shortie in your backpack for another kind of botanical experience—a high potency puff crafted with flavored botanical terp-infused flower.

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Skip TV and social media. Start doing stuff.

Swap the mindless scrolling for IRL stuff, because all that time online really makes the hours go by in a flash. The best substitutes are happening outside: Try an ocean-view run on the San Clemente Beach Trail to cement your presence in the moment or plan a hiking weekend up north in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, where you can get in touch with old-growth giants and explore the epicenter of Cali’s cannabis scene (you can even take a canna-tour with this company). Smokiez Live Resin Fruit Chews make an easy-to-carry companion for camping in the park or as part of your post-run recovery.

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California Coast Ocean View Places to consume Cannabis
Isaiah Johnson Professional San Diego Skateboarder from Urbn Leaf Cannabis and Athletes

Do something brand new.

You know how time seemed to go soooooo slow when you were a kid? It turns out the reason is because everything was so new to you. It kept your brain busy processing all the input and the effect was a sense of slowing down time. You can still tap into the power of newness by doing something out of the norm. Never tried surfing? This is the summer to do it. Always wanted to learn how to skateboard? Awesome, let’s go (and maybe book a lesson with San Diego’s local legend, Isaiah Johnson). If athletics aren’t your cup of tea, just book some time with your besties and bring a kief-coated Kingpen Kingroll and some new topics for conversation.

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Be intentional about your time.

Days slip away when you’re not intentional about what you’re up to, so part of averting the effect is simply to just pay attention. Nothing helps us focus on the present moment like a good puff of strain packed with pinene, limonene, or beta-caryophyllene. Find a Kingpen Disposable Vape Pen in your go-to strain and feel the presence and focus filter in…

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Original Kingpen Disposable Cannabis Vape Cart Califonia Summer adventure
Feel Good Summer Bundle

So, ready to put all these tips into action and slow summer down a bit? We’ve put together a Feel Good Bundle to help out, and it includes all the good stuff we mentioned above: Smokiez Live Resin Fruit Chews, a Kingroll 4-pack, Fuzzies Fruities or Shorties 5-pack, a Kingpen Disposable Vape Pen, and (sweet bonus!) a branded lighter to bring on the go.

For a limited time you can grab your Feel Good Bundle ($130 value) for only $100 + tax!

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