Best Cannabis Gifts for Mom

Give the Gift of Wellness this Mother’s Day!

It’s 2018 and times are changing – Cannabis is legal in California and more moms are starting to turn to weed for anxiety, sleep, and pain relief. Let’s face it being a mom is hard work, so if anyone deserves to kick back, relax and reap the benefits of our dear friend Mary Jane, it’s her.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 products for every kind of mom, so stop searching for the perfect present and treat your mom to one of these cannabis gifts for Mother’s Day!

1. Beboe Gift Box – $120

The Beboe Gift box comes in a custom Mother’s Day box with one rose gold, disposable Sativa vape pen, one rose gold, disposable Indica vape pen and a pack of 25 edible pastille candies. This gift box is perfect for any mom that needs a little discreet relief on the go.

2. Kush Queen Bath Bombs – $10-12.50

Everyone loves a good bath bomb, but have you ever tried one with THC and CBD? Tell mom to drop one of these in the tub, light a candle, and chill – She’ll feel her muscles start to relax and let all that tension fade away leaving her with a nice body buzz.

3. Dosist Wellness Kit – $500

Dosist is known for their 6 targeted formulas and precise dosage technology. With effects like Bliss, Sleep, Relief, Calm, Arouse, and Passion, Dosist offers an effect for every kind of smoker. Their new wellness kits come packed with all 6 of their targeted formulas and come in 2 sizes 50 dose or 200 dose. Let mom try them all and tell you what her favorite is!

Urbnleaf's Festival Essentials

4. Slugworth’s Candy – $5 – $13

For the mom that doesn’t like to smoke but still wants to feel a little buzz – Get her some Slugworth’s edibles and let her start there. Slugworth’s offers 15 different flavors, in 25mg sample packs or 100mg bags! Each candy is dosed at 5mg-10mg (depending on the candy) making them perfect for micro-dosing.

5. Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm – $37-$74

Papa and Barkley Releaf Balm will turn any mom onto cannabis. If your mom is feeling apprehensive about trying cannabis products, introduce her to P&B’s award winning Releaf Balm. By using a topical, the Cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin but do not enter the bloodstream and are non-psychoactive. Gently massage the balm over any irritated areas for targeted relief. The Releaf Balm is great for arthritis, sore muscles, or inflammation.

6. Firecracker – $20

Few things in life are better than sparking one up with your mom. Why not make it a good one by grabbing a Firecracker from Urbn Leaf. These pre-rolls are packed with premium flower, dipped in distillate and coated in kief..

And for those moms that have been smoking weed since the 70s – gift them a churro. Aka The strongest blunt in the universe for the strongest woman you know.

7. Big Pete’s Treats Cookies – $4/$24

Mom need help sleeping through the night? Big Petes Treats cookies should do the trick. Each cookie is dosed at 10mg so she can munch until she finds her perfect dose. Be careful though these little cookies are potent, so start her off with one then have her wait 1-2 hours before eating another. Remind her she can always eat more, but can never eat less.

8. Urbn Leaf Palm Battery + Kurvana Cartridge – $40 (Palm) + $50-$87 (Cartridge)

You’re guaranteed to wow mom with this nifty gadget! The PALM battery is the ideal gift for your tech savvy canna queen. Pair it with a Kurvana ASCND cartridge and she’ll love how easy and inconspicuously she can vape oil on the go.

9. Leef Thrival CBD Tincture – $124

For the mom that frequents the health store and is no stranger to Whole Foods—we recommend Leef Organics Thrival, a CBD extract that’s an excellent source of nutrients and helps maintain balance in the body. Have her add a couple of drops of Thrival to her next smoothie or meal and this CBD superfood will have her back to feeling like a supermom in no time.

10. Canndescent Gift Box – $120

Switch things up by gifting mom a different type of flower bouquet this Mother’s Day! If the special lady in your life is classic, sophisticated, and knows exactly how she wants to feel then you’ll definitely want to surprise her with Canndescent’s luxury flower set. This box comes with papers, filter crutches, hemp-wick, matches, and two eighths of top-shelf premium flower. Each flower is named after the way it will make you “feel” – Calm, Cruise, Creative, Connected, or Charged.

Still not 100% sure what to get? Bring your mom into Urbn Leaf with you and let her pick it out herself. We’ll be offering pre-rolls for $1 to anyone that brings their mom in with them this Sunday. Plus, we’ll be passing out flowers to the first 100 females! Make sure you ask a budtender how to nominate a mom for our Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway ($500+ worth of prizes including gift cards to Green Tea Spa, PB Beauty Bar, and the World Beat Center to help pay for summer camp.)

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