A Feel Good Guide to Festival Season

Urbn Leaf’s Festival Essentials

Planning on attending your first (or fifteenth) Music Festival?  Festivals are kind of our thing, so we put together a list of our favorite cannabis products to keep you Feeling Good all festival season long.


Grab some bud for your buds – sharing is caring at festivals so be sure to stock up on a few Urbn Leaf top shelf 8th jars. Our strains are always rotating, so ask your Budtender for their current favorite. Stocking up for a large group? Grab an ounce of Omega Trees Sun Grown. Available in indica, sativa or hybrid.


There’s really nothing like smoking a joint while listening to your favorite band live. Shorty’s mini pre-rolls are perfect for a quick sesh or your own personal joint, but if you’re sharing with the group we recommend one of our Urbn Legends pre-rolls.


Pack the Puffco – You’re going to want to dab on the go. We’ve been loving Moxie’s  live resin badder and Loudpack’s Live resin sugar.


Festival days can be long and draining a vape pen is hands down the easiest way to stay elevated all day long. For those looking for a potent pick-me up try out one of Kingpen’s cartridges or disposables. If you’re looking for a more mellow approach we love HoneyVape’s strain selection. Need to unwind or dodge anxiety from the crowds? Keep a Select CBD pen on you at all times. Available in lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, and lemon flavors.


Emerald Sky Licorice might just be our newest favorite edible. These little licorice sticks come in 100mg bags, but each 10mg piece is individually wrapped, so you can easily portion them out and stash them in your pocket. Satori’s cannabis-infused, milk chocolate covered strawberries are another delicious option for microdosing, just make sure you keep them in your fridge or cooler so they don’t melt in the heat.


Spending all day walking from stage to stage can wear your muscles down. Our Urbn Leaf CBD Tincture can help balance your body out (and also help with those pesky hangovers.) Once you get back to your hotel (or campground) rub your sore legs and feet down with Leef’s Revive CBD Balm. Repeat these two steps before bed each night and you’ll stay dancing all weekend long.


Stay hydrated! Make sure you drink plenty of water and bring your sunscreen. Look for lodging as close to the festival as you can to avoid uber expenses or extra transportation fees. Grab an Urbn Leaf bandana to keep the dirt and dust out of your lungs (no one likes to go home to a sinus infection.) Lastly, bring more weed than you think you need. There’s nothing worse than running out of weed with one day left!

*Every festival has different rules and regulations – Even if you’re visiting a recreational state you should still check the festival’s rules before bringing any cannabis products into the event.*

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