10 ways to ‘Feel Good’ while staying Safe at Home

Photo by Bess Byers of Blaise Creative

Covid-19 has really thrown us for a loop this year, and after a few weeks of quarantine boredom is finally starting to set in. We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to remain open as an essential business, but like you, our team is also trying to find some at-home-entertainment for their days off.  Luckily cannabis has the potential to enhance any experience, so we gathered a list of our top 10 activities to keep you feeling good in self-highsolation.  



Music festivals may be cancelled, but music isn’t. There are few things better in life than sparking up a joint and zoning out to your favorite artist. Plenty of artists are turning to various live streaming platforms to give their fans free virtual shows or BTS sessions with them in the studio. Turn up the volume a little louder than you normally do, dance around the house, or make yourself a cozy place to lay down and kick back while you get lost in the music. Pro Tip: Look up the lyrics to the song you’re listening to and create an interpretation of the songs meaning. You’ll be surprised with what you come up with! 

 We recommend rolling up a joint of Urbn Leaf flower – Try the Forbidden Fruit or Sundae Driver



Anything you can enjoy at home to get your heart rate up and your muscles moving. Movement and music go hand in hand with cannabis. Get up, move your bones and wiggle around to some of your favorite songs. If you’re feeling ambitious try adding weights into your routine. 


We recommend Chalice Farms Acai 1:1 “Balance” Chews



Pop in your headphones and take that music outside. Take your sesh outside and soak in the fresh air. Be sure to gaze around and connect with the area nearby. You won’t believe the little details you’ll notice while cruising the town with an elevated mind. 


We recommend Select Oil vape pen in strain Cannatonic 




Snack on your favorite edibles and get ready to laugh a little harder or think a little deeper. Kick back, relax and indulge in a new show or movie that you’ve never seen before. Some of our favorite classics are Pineapple Express, Half Baked, Fear & Loathing, and Shutter Island. 


We recommend Sluggy’s gummies.  


 Set the pizza rolls aside and grab that cookbook that’s been gathering dust over the years. Pick out a recipe that will tantalize your taste buds and whip up something you’ve never created before. Cooking a delicious meal is a wonderful way to be productive and expand your chef skills. Interested in infusing your meal with cannabis? We’ve got you covered! Visit the link below for step by step instructions on how you can create your own infused coconut oil to cook with. 

DIY – Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil


Puzzles take on an entirely new, unique journey while you’re high. Puzzles can be intense, especially if you take a stab at a 1k or 2k piece puzzle. Be prepared to exercise your brain – Patience is a must as you allow yourself to discover new creative solutions. Take a few puffs of your favorite sativa strain then focus on the prize. 


We recommend Ember Valley Flower in the strain Orange Peels.  

Van Gogh Skull Puzzle



Reconnecting with someone you value is always leaves you feeling good. Now’s the time to touch base with an old friend or relative and check-in. Spending time chatting with loved ones is something we take for granted nowadays, and usually don’t always have the time to do. Have a virtual smoke sesh with your friends via Zoom or challenge yourself to check in with someone outside of your regular circle. You never know who you could cheer up during these uncertain times. 


We recommend taking a couple of deep breaths and rubbing yourself down with Dr. Raw’s Relax Balm 



This one might sound boring…but when you’re stoned it can bring an interesting sense of relief and accomplishment to tackle tasks around the house. Take some time to go through your closet or garage and purge some items that you no longer need. It’s a double win because you get rid of clutter in your home AND if you donate those items you’ll feel good about helping others at the same time. Want to take things to the next level? Try color coding your clothing closet or organizing your tools by size. Organizing  your daily spaces like a closet, garage or home office can make it more streamlined when searching for items and creates an organizational order that’s  pleasing to the eye. 


We recommend Care by Designs 1-1 soft gels. 


Whip out the candles and draw some water – taking a relaxing bath at the end of a long day is one of the most luxurious ways to Treat Yo’self. A nice soak in the tub can relax sore muscles, replenish the skin, and offer a temporary escape from daily stress. Pair your bath with an Epsom soak or a cannabis-infused bath bomb to elevate the experience. 


We recommend Kush Queens 1:1 Love Bath Bomb 



Journal, paint, make music, garden, take pictures– basically whatever feels good and gets the creative juices flowing. Don’t feel confided to get crafty doing something you normally do. Now’s the chance to pick up a new skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to try, the opportunities are endless. 


We recommend Field Extracts Disposable Sauce Pen 

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