Urbn Leaf TOPS Cannabis Loyalty Reward Program

Tops Loyalty Rewards: Cannabis with High Rewards

Urbn Leaf TOPS Cannabis Loyalty Reward Program

Tops Loyalty Rewards: Cannabis with High Rewards

Getting started is easy

Earn Tops points and get rewarded in a few easy steps!

Getting started is easy

Earn Tops points and get rewarded in a few easy steps!

Tops Loyalty COIN

Opt into Tops Loyalty

To get started, sign up to the Tops Loyalty program. On top of earning points, you will get insider access to fresh drops, special promotions, exclusive events and more!

Tops Loyalty COIN

Order How You’d Like

Order in-store, online or delivery and start earning Tops points with each order your make. 

Tops Loyalty COIN

Earn Tops Points, Get Rewards

As you earn Tops Points, you can redeem in-store, online or delivery for rewards as well as access to exclusive products, launches and more!

More Rewards. More Savings. Sign Up Now!

Earn points in-store, online or through delivery!

How You Earn Points

• Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
Tops Loyalty COIN
Tier 1:

100 pts for $10 off

Tier 2:

250 pts for $25 off

Tier 3:

500 pts for $50 off

Tier 4:

750 pts for $75 off

Tier 5:

1000 pts for $100 off

+ exclusive access to products


start earning tops rewards

You will not earn points for orders or visits at the store until after you confirm your signup. From that point forward you will earn based on your activity.

Points can take up to 24 hours to update after you make an order. If you are still missing points, it is likely that your phone number or email on your account was not used when checking out at the store. It’s imperative that your staff make sure your transaction is recorded under your customer record.

You can access your points through your wallet here >

You can start earning Tops points with each order your make whether it is in-store, online or through delivery. Once you redeem enough points to unlock a reward tier, you will be able to use your available rewards towards your next purchase.

This may be due to a carrier issue. Unfortunately, T-mobile & Sprint restricts SMS messaging. Try signing up with an email or using your email to create/ access your Tops wallet.

You can earn and redeem points in-store at any Harborside or Urbn Leaf location.

Points will expire 180 day from when you accrued those points. For example if you earned 100 points on January 1st, you will have 180 days to use those 100 points.

All “cash back” store credit that was previously acquired at Urbn Leaf, will transfer over to Tops points in February. You will be able to see your points and accrue points with each purchase but will not be able to use these points until you have personally opted in. Once you opted-in to the Tops Loyalty program by SMS or Email then you will have direct access to your points!

You can opt out of the Tops Loyalty program at anytime, through SMS or the unsubscribe link in any marketing email. Just a reminder, If you opt out you will no longer be able to accrue points with each purchase.

*Tax dollars do not contribute to the point accrual. Points will expire after 180 days from the date a customer accrued those set of points. You can opt out at any time. Once opted out of the Tops loyalty program you will not be able to accrue/redeem additional points.

By enrolling to the Tops Loyalty Program, I consent to sign up for the Urbn Leaf member list where I will receive marketing communication via text message, calls, email or other outreach channels. By doing so, I understand that I am allowing Urbn Leaf and it’s technology provider to retain my personal contact details / engagement history for use in personalized marketing. Opt out at any time by replying “STOP” to messages. Standard message and calling rates may apply. I also consent that I am of legal age to receive communications related to the urbn Leaf services and products.

For more information please see our privacy policy.