Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving: High for the Holidays

Urbn Leaf Cooking with cannabis Thanksgiving recipes

Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving: High for the Holidays It’s high-time we recognize Thanksgiving as the best holiday for cannabis lovers. It’s a day devoted to food, spending time with loved ones and more food. What could be better? A high holiday with cannabis-infused dishes.  Hosting Before you start bookmarking recipes, talk to your family/friends about whether you… Continue Reading »

Edible Cookie Parfaits with Big Pete’s Treats

- Urbn Leaf Dispensary

The last few months of staying home have pushed us to get more creative in the kitchen. Late night munchies have been in full effect. Last week we created a fruity, chocolatey, edible parfait that we knew needed to be shared with the world. This recipe is perfect for an afternoon snack or a late… Continue Reading »