Urbn Leaf Ribbon Cutting Event

The most anticipated Ribbon cutting event this year!

Join us on Saturday, May 18th, 2024 at 11am!

We will be having very limited amount of our Exclusive “Make It a Urbn Leaf Night” Stash Box for Sale, door buster prizes and smiling faces (priceless)!

What’s In the Box? – Featuring products from your favorite brands including: Sluggers, Stiiizy, Kingroll, Smokiez, Dime Bag &  more. Also including a limited edition of our “Make it A Urbn Leaf Night” T-shirt, movie munchies and more Feel Good extras!

How do you get a ticket? –Stop in at any Urbn Leaf location and get your complimentary ticket with the purchase your Membership Pass!

Participating Event Locations: Urbn Leaf Bay Park, Urbn Leaf Vista, Urbn Leaf San Ysidro, Urbn Leaf WeHo, Urbn Leaf Grover Beach

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