feel good

Are you ready for a feel good summer? Celebrating the core values of “Do Good, Feel Good” we are celebrating all the ways cannabis inspires creativity, passion, boldness, and excellence. Featuring a diverse group of athletes, artists, and community leaders, we are helping to end  the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Meet the Feel Good Advocates.


Isaiah Johnson //
Professional Skateboarder


Damien Posey // 
Motivational Speaker + Community Activist


Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski //
Artist + Community Activist

Isaiah Johnson // Professional Skateboarder

Isaiah Johnson is a Canadian professional skateboarder who currently resides in  San Diego, CA. Isaiah also enjoys passing his love of skateboarding to todays youth. He has had the pleasure of coaching kids from ages 3 to 18 in Street Skating, and is available for lessons in San Diego, CA.

"What Cannabis means to me… like skating... it's
fun and freedom."

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Damien Posey // Motivational Speaker + Community Activist

If you do not already know him, let us introduce you to Damien Posey. Respectfully known as “Uncle Damien,” and says that the best name he could be called is Uncle Damien because it reflects the man he is and reflects his commitment to the youth and our community as a whole.

Together with Harborside and High Purpose, we stayed true to that commitment with an amazing community clean up at San Francisco. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped support the cause. #DoGood #FeelGood

Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski // Fashion Designer + Community Activist

Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski is the founder and designer behind Barrio Logan’s Sew Loka fashion shop. Claudia defines her personal style as punk x grunge, and you’ll see this aesthetic splashed all over her designs. Her goals: Be edgy AF. And be cozy AF. She loves to gear up for a brainstorming sesh with a classic sativa strain. You might find a Sour Diesel or Trainwreck in her Sew Loka stash pouch. “I use cannabis to organize my mind and to hyper focus on specific tasks that need to be completed throughout the day,” she says.”My mind is always racing with ideas, but cannabis helps me to slow down these ideas and organizes them into crystal-clear mental checklists for me.”

"Cannabis is definitely part of my lifestyle, it really helps with organizing my thoughts."

“What makes Barrio Logan different from any other neighborhood is you just feel like there’s this energy of constant movement like there’s always people making stuff creating and being like alive there’s a lot of heart and soul here and it’s mainly because of all of the art that is being produce on the daily.”

barrio Logan

Claudia Rodriguez Biezunski Sew Loka Barrio Logan San Diego Fashion Designer
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