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Are you ready for a feel good summer? Celebrating the core values of “Do Good, Feel Good” we are celebrating all the ways cannabis inspires creativity, passion, boldness, and excellence. Featuring a diverse group of athletes, artists, and community leaders, we are helping to end  the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Meet the Feel Good Advocates.

- Urbn Leaf Dispensary

Travis Petersen //
Culinary Artist


Isaiah Johnson //
Professional Skateboarder


Damien Posey // 
Motivational Speaker + Community Activist


Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski //
Artist + Community Activist

Travis Peterson // Culinary Artist

We’re kicking off the Feel Good Summer with the culinary artist and cannabis infused specialist, The Nomad Cook, Travis Petersen himself. Travis is pretty famous for his culinary cannabis creations, and also for touring to do it—he’s toured coast to coast, hitting every major city and satisfying hundreds upon hundreds of hungry infused-dining fans along the way.

“It’s your responsibility to help guide them to the appropriate dosage.”


If you plan to host an infused dinner of your own, or are perfecting your cannaseur skills remember the golden rule of dosing. “Never give anyone a dosage they didn’t ask for or are unaware of,” says Travis. “It’s never up to you to decide how much a guest receives, they need to make that choice on their own. It’s your responsibility to help guide them to the appropriate dosage.” Remember to be super careful about your measurements so you can ensure a good time for all your guests.

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Isaiah Johnson // Professional Skateboarder

Isaiah Johnson is a Canadian professional skateboarder who currently resides in  San Diego, CA. Isaiah also enjoys passing his love of skateboarding to todays youth. He has had the pleasure of coaching kids from ages 3 to 18 in Street Skating, and is available for lessons in San Diego, CA.

"What Cannabis means to me… like skating... it's
fun and freedom."

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