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After spending a lot of time behind the counter at dispensaries we hear it all. This rings especially true when it comes to edibles. Some people are terrified after previously having an intense experience after eating too many milligrams (mg). The key to ensuring that we don’t have a bad time when using cannabis infused edibles is microdosing.

The various types of cannabis infusions will affect us in different ways. Some products will have an immediate onset after 30 to 45 minutes. Others will slowly layer effects for an hour to an hour and a half. It all depends on the edible and our own personal endocannabinoid system. For this reason, people who eat 15mg and then 15mg more could have onset effects for up to two or three hours. This can lead to a very uncomfortable day.

How To Microdose Cannabis Edibles

To avoid a day of open mouthed staring at the wall, or just passing out altogether, we can microdose with our edibles. The average dose is set at 10mg, but for newer patients or rec users 5mg might be enough. Keep in mind that the amount of food in our stomachs at the time of ingesting has an effect on the intensity and onset time of the cannabis edible. To properly microdose eat 5-10mg and then wait for about two hours. Generally, in about four hours the perfect little dose will begin to wear off.

This is exceptional tactic for dealing with chronic pain and/or inflammation. Afterall, ingesting Indica edibles can deliver a much more comprehensive and long lasting body effect than inhaling cannabis flower. Taking small doses helps us to take advantage of this relief without worrying about losing our comprehension skills. On the other side, Sativa edibles are ingenious when used as an antidepressant. Simply 5-10mg of a gummy or baked Sativa treat and we find our cares and worries melting away.

Microdosing is the future, so let’s stop eating 100 mg and watching a blank screen on our TVs for three hours. Cannabis is a tool and if we use it correctly it can greatly enhance our lives. Be safe when consuming edibles and always start at 10mg to understand our own bodies and how much we actually need.

This self assessment and application of microdosing can greatly enhance our ability to find the magic in this healing plant.

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